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In the Name of God

Following the success and achievements of Iranian complementary medicines of "Faradarmani" and "Psymentology” in scientific communities and international competitions, unfortunately, an spiteful individual who holds a special position, with the support of a Cultural Center, took a non-Islamic, inhuman and despicable action and by designing a fictitious query and attributing false concepts and slandering and libeling Faradarmani and Fara-therapists, has gathered Estefta’s [questioning sentences from religious authorities] from the offices of respected [religious] authorities on the mass apostasy, [Islamic] forbiddance of Faradarmani, communication with Fara-therapists, and any assistance to them, on Fara-therapists being a misleading cult, and etc, all of which are void due to false query.
(based on this false query not only all authorities, but every other person including myself will consider the imaginary people mentioned in the Estefta's, apostate and mislead and there would be no need for the spiteful individuals to even trouble themselves with anything)
Obviously with the public and widespread presentation of the theories of Iranian complementary medicines of "Faradarmani" and " Psymentology " both inside and outside the country, such evil conspiracies and attempts that are made not only to trifle with the lives and reputation of people but to create tension and cynicism in the society, prove the above allegations wrong and bring utter disgrace on the planners of such ignorant conspiracies.
Nevertheless, as these Estefta’s simply play with the lives and reputation of humans, respected members of the office of esteemed [religious] authorities are expected to pay a much closer attention on the accuracy of such matters in order to avoid allowing evil and immoral intentions of groups and spiteful individuals from being carried out.
Hereby I as the founder of Iranian complementary medicines of "Faradarmani" and "Psymentology” deny the false allegations raised in the cases of these Estefta’s and for the several time announce that I am a Muslim, a Shiite, and a believer in Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and a follower of Imams and am long-awaiting the twelfth Imam (Imam Mahdi) and condemn the path and beliefs of their opponents.
I also declare that I will by no means surrender to these propagandas and will stand against such despicable actions and ask members of [Erfan Halghe] group to vigilantly foil these evil plots and disgrace the planners behind it.
At the end it is noted that an official complaint has been made to judicial authorities against the offender for spreading lies, slander, libel, misguiding public thought, and etc and the outcome will subsequently be announced.

May God continue to bless us
Mohammad Ali Taheri
28 April 2011

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In The Name Of God

It is more than three decades since the foundation of the two Interuniversal (totally holistic way of viewing human being) complementary medicines of "Faradarmani" and "Psymentology" by Dr Mohamad Ali Taheri in Iran, and during this period, "Faradarmani" and "Psymentology" have successfully passed their experiential phases.

Faradarmani considers the treatment of diseases which are categorized in the field of Medicine, whilst Psymentology (holistic mind-psychology); considers the treatment of disorders in the field of Psychiatry.

"Faradarmani" and "Psymentology" are qualitative treatment methods which absolutely have no quantitative intervention (such as prescription or change of medication dose, physical examination and so on) in patient's treatment, whilst having absolutely no side effects.

Due to the unique effectiveness of these treatment methods among different types of complementary medicines; it has attracted the attention of many medical doctors and health service professionals through the past two decades.

Currently extensive research is going on by the professional groups of scientists, medical doctors, and psychologists about the effects of these two complementary medical branches on humans, animals, and plants even in Laboratory environment and at the cellular molecular level. Numerous scientific articles and reports have been published about the research results and the effectiveness of these methods on different kinds of diseases. Now, Faradarmani and Psymentology fields of activity have expanded to research groups of "Cellular- Molecular", "Botany", "Veterinary" and "Dentistry".

This method is described based on the theory of "The Consciousness Bond" or "Parts having consciousness in common". According to this theory, when a link is established between the "whole" consciousness (The Interuniversal Consciousness) and the consciousness of a "part" [of human being]; the whole consciousness -via the consciousness of the mind- is capable of correcting, repairing and curing the mind, psyche and body thus healing and recovery will take place. Consciousness of the "parts" includes the consciousness of countless different components which comprise human being. The "whole" consciousness is the awareness and intelligence leading the universe.

It must be mentioned that up till now, three Honorary Doctorates, "Officer" sign from Belgium Brussels' Royal Palace (Capital of European Union) and several other awards from 6 different countries across the world have been rewarded to Dr Mohamad Ali Taheri for founding the two complementary and alternative medicines of "Faradarmani" and "Psymentology".