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Man, Illness and Growth

Fighting illness has been one of the most important battles of mankind throughout its history on the Earth and victory over this predicament has been one of its biggest hopes and dreams. And perhaps man has always wondered about the tranquility of living a disease-free life. But truly, if man had not been challenged with the problem of illness, could he have achieved salvation, peace and happiness?

Doubtless, the answer to this question is no. A closer look into this matter reveals that the true obstruction for man's growth, peace and happiness is not illness but in fact, his own self which constantly takes his peace away from him.

Of the malice I speak refers to my self

For I have seen no poison in the world, but my self

I am my worst enemy, my cry is for my self

I am the tinder, used to burn my self (Molana)

You are your own veil O Hafez, get up!

Fortunate are those who walk through the shrouds, unveiled (Hafez)

Therefore, the main enemy and obstruction of mankind's salvation is his own self and by eliminating disease, not only doesn't solve his problems, but might increase them; since illness is an effective means of preventing man's extravagance, the same means which cause the downfall and destruction of the self-conceited man.

If Pharaoh's head ached with pain and temper Where would be his boast of divinity (Molana)
In this case, we can clearly understand that curing illness is not the path of salvation for the lost man, and he requires something greater than treatment, a means that could help his growth and release him from him self and move him towards growth and Kamal (transcendence). Without such a change, man would in perpetual loss.
To materialize such a vision, we reconsider mankind and his problems from a new angle and we study all the solutions towards his growth. Finally, we find that any resolution outside of this perspective does not have much of a positive effect on his growth. Therefore, from our point of view, treatment is only a means of growth for the patient and the therapist.

The mystic-healing school of "Faradarmani" is a means for transcendental purposes and while materializing treatment, it creates cognitive and perceptual growth for mankind. While treating the patient, it attracts the patient's attention towards a source of intelligence and an eternal consciousness, thus preparing the grounds for growth and transcendence. Man's problem is the lack of practical understanding of this source and an effective method that could instigate such a process for the patient so that while witnessing the positive progress of their patient without the use of objects or actions that could be associated with the skill and knowledge of the therapist and through witnessing the intelligent process that guides the treatment, the therapist finds himself before a great power which will eventually help him understand the divine manifestations. This understanding will be followed by a change in perception through his connection to the source of intelligence and understanding the nature of this intelligence, brings about positive changes.

Therefore in this school, it is very important and strongly advised to preserve the original message and maintain a pure connection to the Interuniversal Consciousness without the simultaneous interference of side-treatments like herbal medicine, blood-letting, massage therapy, homeopathy and etc, and any other alternative treatments that could deviate the patient's mind from the Interuniversal Consciousness. This might confuse the patient and prevent the desired outcomes, thus causing them to maintain their usual thought patterns without any kind of change. Doing so will not only distort the beauty and grandeur of the Interuniversal Consciousness and prevent the patient from accessing pure awareness, but it will cause the therapists themselves to be confused and distressed, as has been witnessed with some therapists. People who with pure intentions, but weak a conception only pay attention to physical treatment of the patient and make every possible effort for this objective, must realize that the real cure of the patient lies within internal changes and in reality, we prepare the grounds for this change. Based on this view, physical cure by itself is not of any value and this is an integral part of this therapy school.

O Saaki come! For the harbinger said       Be patient with the pain for I am sending you the cure
Once the connection to the Interuniversal Consciousness is made, human prescriptions are merely for show and distraction.

Wishing you the understanding of the Unity of the Universe
Mohammad Ali Taheri