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Unified Path Principle

Becoming familiar with the Interuniversal Consciousness and witnessing the practical applications of this intelligence, the extraordinary changes that come about from connecting to this source and the positive activities of human beings in connection with this, brings us closer every day towards understanding this strange and mystifying divine phenomenon, and brings us closer to understanding the unity governing the universe. The same unity which bonds all parts of the universe together and its message of the unified body has reached the ears of those souls who are aware, calling every moment:

The shifting images reflected in the wine

Are but one reflection of the Saaki's face that fell upon the cup [Hafez]

The message that has guided us above the limits of human thinking and placed us on the highest level of perception; the perception that leads us to this level of awareness that the "children of Adam" are not only parts of one body, but:

The universe is all but one body

That is one essence in creation

With this perspective, not only do we expand our point of view from tribal, racial, national and even international borders, but we expand our thinking, insight and perspective to encompass the whole universe (Interuniversal) and we believe that without understanding the universe and the consciousness that governs it, humankind is in perplexity and multiplicity and all the paths before him will be closed.

This deep understanding is followed by a practical understanding of Divine Consciousness or the consciousness governing the universe and this consciousness or intelligence (means), guides us towards the unity of the universe (goal) through the unity of the path (way). The fundamental condition of achieving unity implies that all the elements defining it, must themselves be in unity and from here, we can understand that one cannot be in the path of multiplicity and achieve unity. In other words, one cannot combine several different paths and achieve unity. Because from a functional framework and other necessary examinations, these chosen paths might be in conflict with one another even if they follow the same goal.

Even though there are numerous paths of reaching this unity (which count for the number of human souls), each path must be in complete unity. A path in multiplicity creates multiplicity and following that, will create disorder and perplexity.
For example, some disciplines might use chants and mantras to achieve an ends, but in some disciplines (the school of Cosmic Unity), chants and mantras are not only avoided, but they create disturbances if used in Etesal to the Interuniversal Consciousness. Or in some schools, austerity, abstinence, solitude and hermit is used while in another school, this is seen as a great mistake (as in our school).

Cosmic unity is the same as Divine unity, and the day one achieves an understanding of this unity and sees himself at one with the universe, will be the day when one will reach the border of being and seeing divinity. At that time, we can see the reflection of God in everything we look at "one can reach a stage where he can see nothing but God, look how high is the level of humanity" and can achieve an understanding of the poem by Sohrab Sepehri: "my Qiblah is the red rose, my prayer mat is the brook, my prayer stone is light...", thus seeing nothing but divine manifestations in "whichever way you turn, there is the face of Allah" .

"My Ka'ba is beside the brook, my Ka'ba is beneath the acacia, my Ka'ba is the breeze, blowing from garden to garden from one town to another town, my Black Stone is light of the garden" [Sohrab Sepehri]

At that time, we will realize that no matter where we turn, we can see His manifestation and through seeing the art work, in reality, we can understand the existence of the artist.

Look closely for it is the sunlight     That light which you call moonlight [Shah Nematollah-Vali]

Through looking at the moonlight, in reality, we can understand the existence of the sunlight. The sunlight which comes from the sun, the sun which we cannot gaze directly into and our eyes cannot tolerate its brightness.

Finally, while calling on all to observe the unified path principle based on abstaining from combining different paths and methods simultaneously, and prevent the confusion of ourselves and others by studying their points of conflict; we mustn't forget that the final goal is reaching Cosmic Unity through practical understanding of "Interuniversal Consciousness" and all the activities of individuals must take this goal into consideration. Otherwise, these activities are void of the spiritual and mystic values and will be taken as selfishness and exhibition.