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Erfan from another Outlook
In the Name of the Nameless One
Mohammad-Ali Taheri
Part One

Erfan: Working overtime in the path of Kamal If we consider the following diagram and consider the zero axis as fulfilling the mission or the role of a creature (plant, animal, human and etc), and considering the positive area as the overtime and the negative area as the opposite of overtime for that creature, we can achieve an understanding of how man can become the prize of creation.

When we plot the role of plants on this chart, we see that every plant is equipped with a specific program and according to that program; it absorbs a specific amount of minerals and nutrients from the soil and produces a fruit. If the place of the plant does not have the sufficient amount of nutrients and conditions for the plant to grow, the plant is not able to grow and make-up for the shortness of resources and thus, cannot work overtime to produce fruit. Therefore, this is the reason why certain plants grow in certain geographical conditions. In other words, plants don't have the ability to grow in every environment because plants are not able to work overtime to make up for the insufficiencies. But likewise, plants also do not have the ability to cut back from their functions for example, by being tired and resting or creating variety in their fruits.

For example, an apple tree is not able to change its fruit one year from apple to pomegranate for the sake of variety or because it is tired of producing the same fruit or it cannot shrug the responsibility by being lazy and not producing any fruit at all. Therefore, the chart for the function of plants and vegetables moves exactly on the zero axis and does not deviate through overtime or lack of it. On the zero axis, the score is zero because on this line, a creature is only fulfilling its mission and working based on the chart below has a score of zero. From the points mentioned above, we can conclude that pants and vegetables have a stable character and function and based on that function, we can achieve a better definition of their function than before.

The above explanations can also be applied to animals. An animal has a specific level of function and acts exactly according to its own specific function. For example, the character of every breed of dog is defined and all of their functions are the same for being faithful, when to attack strangers and etc. All dogs follow this trend and one cannot find a dog that is not faithful. In reality, a dog's kindness to its owner is part of its function, just like how the sting of a scorpion comes from its function.

The scorpion's sting is not through grudge
It is its nature that dictates

Just as the faithfulness of a dog scores zero on the chart, the scorpion's sting is part of its function and it also scores zero on the chart and is not on account of wickedness.
But if we draw the above chart for the people of this age, we come across some interesting findings. A statistical analysis on human beings shows that they haven't reached the zero-line and are not fulfilling their basic function in the ecosystem and they fall in the negative area. From the time of birth and a short while after that, human beings behave completely according to their natural function within the ecosystem on the zero-line; but as time progresses and they develop logical thinking, the level of their transgressions against their natural function increases until they fall completely from the zero-line to a position below that of a plant or animal. This shows that in this day and age, man has not even reached the position of plants and animals. For example, upon achieve a relative understanding of logic and reasoning, a child begins to lie and will easily lie in cases which are against their interest.

In the public e

ye, those who don't steal, bribe, murder, violate other people's rights or are not hypocrites are considered exceptional and cultured individuals. But in reality, where can we find such a person on the above chart?
For example, how many scores does 'not murdering' have? How many scores does 'not stealing' have?

The answer is clearly zero, because human beings were not created to come to this world for stealing. Therefore, if they don't steal, they have only kept their position as a human being but they still have a long way to go before they reach the status of an ascending human being. Following human functions is part of our duty and performing a duty has a score of zero. But if someone violates these duties, then they have clearly achieved a negative score and if they do something more than their human function (which will be discussed later), then they have achieved a positive score which accounts for their ascension.
Some believe that by not stealing, not backbiting, not killing, not bribing and etc, they have fulfilled their human duty on the earth and the cause of creation has been complete. But the world of Erfan does not accept this and demands something higher than basic human functions and expects us to work overtime.

Drink the wine and wipe your mouth on my sleeve
So to avoid chastity after this claim

In this poem, the mystic is pointing out that chastity is a basic human function and claiming so is not enough to fulfill the mission of a human being. In reality, it is required but it is not enough and the aim of our creation was not to avoid stealing, bribing and etc, because in this case, plants and animals completely follow this rule. This means that the aim of man's creation is much more intelligent than some perceive. In Erfan, other than following basic human functions by telling the truth and abstaining from lying, there are other aims that are followed which cause the ascension of human beings. These are things which lie above human functions to aid the transcendence of human beings. If they were to take away the chastity and positive characteristics from human beings, then there would be no one left to claim the title of the 'prize of creation'. Human beings must contribute something to the world that is worthy of their title of 'prize of creation' and separates them from the rest of creation or else, plants and animals do not lie, nor are they hypocritical; animals also protect their young with everything thing they have and they will even give their life if they have to. No animal violates another animal, nor are they selfish or worry about the future. So the aim of man's creation is something higher than 'not lying', 'not stealing and etc.
One of the ploys of Satan is that he tricks people by making them think they have successfully fulfilled their mission by being good, truthful, trustworthy and organized. For example, we frequently hear the phrases: "loving mother" or "devoted father". These phrases are comforting words to ease the mind. But how many rewards does a loving mother or devoted father receive? Isn't it part of the function of every mother and father to take care of their children?
A Definition of a Transcendent Individual
One of the definitions of a transcendent individual is that they must work overtime towards Kamal and move above their basic human functions. Working overtime means doing things towards transcendence which are higher than basic human functions. This means doing things that have not been advised and people must understand the need to be equipped with such things. Clearly, if one wants to ascend towards Kamal, they must follow the positive trend in this chart and not simply be content with fulfilling their duties. Working overtime which is considered part of the path towards Kamal, contains some important features mentioned below:

  • Working overtime is not a duty
  • Working overtime is not something which can be shown, paraded or used as a means of showing off
  • Working overtime has not been rewarded or punished by religion
Examples of Working Overtime
  • Freedom from the confines of the mind (Zehn Control)
  • Discharge Control
  • Cosmic Coherence
  • Time Coherence
  • Radiation Purification
  • Etcetera...
Here we describe some examples of working overtime in the path of Kamal: for example, humankind is in captivity and is like a slave caught in the trap of its master. This master is a part of his mind who has the individual in its grip and makes a decision every moment and pulls the captive along and this way, he wastes a large portion of his life off the beaten path. One of the things that account for working overtime is finding freedom from the confines of the mind and without it, all of the individual's daily routines or worship, are value-less and lost. For worship, we consider some cases where after performing an important act of religious worship, the individual has closed a few deals, travelled to a few places and has found things he had lost before. Therefore, without Zehn Control, most of the individual's actions are rendered useless. But with all the importance it has, we have not heard that those without Zehn Control will be punished or if one has it, they cannot show it off to others by saying, "look, I have Zehn Control". Such a person would definitely become the laughing stock of the people. In conclusion, one of the important steps towards ascension is without a doubt, Zehn Control, which is part of working overtime.

O Lord! Give me a full cup of Erfan
A seeing eye, a soul aware, a heart awake
Every string of my senses flows in a direction
Invite this sad flow into the festivity of unity

To be continued...